Why You Should Ride Your Bike in Europe

On one of the immaculate Czech bike paths south of Prague

This summer our family went to Prague to visit our daughter Sadie, who’s graduated from college and moved to Europe to work as an English teacher. I decided to bring my bike, since I was tacking on a bike business-related work trip to London afterwards.

I’d ridden bikes once before in Europe, 10 years ago, on a trip to Italy. And I visited a bike race (Paris-Bourges) in France in 2004. But this was the first time I’d fully embraced the experience, with my own bike, creating routes on Strava and even riding in a gravel event.

I’m here to tell you that if you love bikes, riding in Europe needs to be on your bucket list. Here’s why:

Riding along the cobbles next to the Vltava River in Prague, with the castle on the skyline
My beautiful loop in the Czech Republic on Strava. The Strava route builder is amazing.
Dreamy and perfect cycling in Prague
Yahor Ivashka holding a beautiful Festka frame during the factory tour he gave me in Prague
I met Jan Bouda on the bike path near Prague. He was riding 40-miles to his job in sales at Office Depot
Our two college graduates Gavin and Sadie during a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia
With my Pika Packworks bike travel case upon arrival at Vaclev Havel Airport in Prague
With my friend Henry Furniss at the top of the famous Box Hill climb in Surrey, just outside of London
My friend Mark Shepard drove down from Birmingham to ride the North Downs gravel event with me
Some of the beautiful open gravel near Shere, UK
Henry took me on an incredible 50-mile bike tour of London. I’ll never forget it. There are some surprisingly great places to ride, like Richmond Park, in the city.
Lunch at cycling culture hub Look Mum No Hands in London
This photo I took in Nottingham illustrates how perilous the roads can be in the United Kingdom. Where is the bike meant to go?
I stayed at the brand new Queen Stage, a fantastic bike-themed inn and restaurant in Effingham
Supporting Henry at his Cat 2/3 road race in Cutmill put on by the Surrey Cycle Racing League



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